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What to Do When Hyundai Smart Key Is Not Detected?

The Hyundai Smart Key is featured on many of the newer models that we have on-site here at Van Hyundai. It's a pretty simple concept, but it provides you with excellent convenience. When you're away from your Hyundai, you'll be able to lock your doors remotely, unlock them, start your vehicle up ahead of your arrival, and there is even a panic button that can save you in an emergency. After you learn how to use your smart key, there may come a time when your vehicle isn't recognizing this technology. A little bit of troubleshooting can get everything functioning again.


Hyundai Elantra Service Intervals

The Hyundai Elantra is a perfect example of a compact car that manages to create a mid-size sedan's passenger space. Accordingly, Hyundai also includes innovations that make it one of the lower maintenance vehicles around. You won't need to bring in your Elantra as often as other models, but it still needs to follow a strict Hyundai Elantra maintenance schedule to stay in good health. These Hyundai Elantra service intervals should get you on the right track, but your service manual will have even more in-depth information.


About Caring Pathways of Carrollton

Caring Pathways is a nonprofit organization that works with adults who want to succeed in the community but struggle with developmental disabilities. The nonprofit is located in Carrollton but often serves surrounding areas if there is a need. Due to various limitations, such as the lack of facilities, program ineligibility, or even geographical limitations, clients are not able to join the current readily available programs. When the organization gets involved, it offers assistance in teaching adults how to be more self-sufficient. To promote different skills of independence, Caring Pathways provides several activities and daily schedules that meet the needs of each person.