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2024 Hyundai Sonata Model Review

In the 2024 model year, the Sonata makes a striking return with refreshed styling. Its front fascia now showcases a new Seamless Horizon Lamp extending the full length as a light bar. Enhanced air intake and an updated grille further enhance the sleek appearance of this sedan. At the rear, new H-lights emphasize the car's wide stance. Inside, the Sonata introduces a new panoramic curved display featuring dual 12.3-inch screens. Hyundai has opted to relocate the gear selector to the steering column to create a more spacious atmosphere. Additionally, all-wheel drive is now available as an option for the base powertrain.

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A Closer Look at Hyundai Safety Features for 2024

Your vehicle has the capacity to transport a significant amount of cargo, with you and your children being the foremost entities it conveys. If you have pets, ensuring safe transportation to the vet, the park, or other destinations is equally crucial. Luckily, Hyundai vehicles are equipped with numerous features meticulously designed to prioritize your safety wherever your journeys take you.

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Hyundai Electric Vehicle Frequently Asked Questions

PHEV stands for Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle, catering to those transitioning from traditional gas and diesel cars without fully embracing fully electric vehicles.

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